Best Memory Cards In India

In the present time, there will barely be anybody who doesn’t utilize memory card. In the present time everybody utilizes it, whether it is your advanced cell or camera, memory card is utilized in these gadgets.

In any case, companions, have you at any point believed that what is a memory card all things considered? How does memory card work? What number of types are these? So in the event that you additionally figure this, today we will clear the entirety of your questions.

Today we will give you itemized data about the memory card and we will let you know what things you ought to remember prior to purchasing a memory card and in the last we will recommend you 5 best memory cards, which you will be exceptionally partial to. You can without much of a stretch purchase online too.

What is Memory Card?

A memory card is a glimmer memory , which is utilized to store information. It is likewise called SD card.

The full type of SD card is Secure Digital Card. These days each portable memory card is upheld. In the memory card, we can store melodies, pictures, recordings and so forth according to our desire.

Memory card is one such card in cell phone. Which the client can without much of a stretch change at whatever point he needs, meaning he can eliminate and apply it at whatever point he needs.

Albeit every one of the gadgets have their own memory yet at times that memory misses the mark, because of which we want to introduce a memory card. Memory cards are utilized in numerous electronic gadgets, for example, – Cameras, Mobile Phones, Laptop Computers, Tablets, PDAs, Portable Media Players, Video Game Consoles, Synthesizers, Electronic Keyboards and so on.

How many types of memory cards are there?

Companions, we additionally call SD card as memory card, the full type of SD card is Secure Digital Card, and you get three sorts, for example, –

1. SDSC Card :

That is, (Secure Digital Standard Capacity): – Friends SDSC cards are typical memory cards, whose most extreme stockpiling limit is from 128Mb to 4GB.

2. SDHC Card : 

That is, (Secure Digital High Capacity): – Friends, this kind of memory card has more limit than the capacity limit of the ordinary memory card. SDHC limits range from 4GB to 32GB.

3. SDXC Card :

That is, (Secure Digital Extended Capacity): – Friends, SDXC card is more costly than different cards, its capacity limit goes from 64GB to 2TB. Assuming you have any memory card and its ability is from 64GB to 2TB, then, at that point, that SD card is SDXC type memory card.

What is the speed class of memory card?

Companions, that far have data about SD memory card. Yet, the speed of any memory card relies upon its group. The SD Association has set a standard speed class for SDHC and SDXC cards, which shows the base exhibition of the memory card. Here Speed implies how quick a card can peruse or compose information.

The class of ‘SD Memorycard’ is divided according to its speed, which we are going to explain to you in detail, like –

Class 2 :- This implies that this card can peruse or compose information at the speed of 2 MB/s. You can’t keep HD recordings in this. It is additionally very sluggish.

Class 4: – In this class you get the speed of 4 MB/s to peruse or compose information. It upholds HD video design.

Class 6 :- In this the speed of perusing or composing information is 6 MB/s. It upholds HD/Full HD/4K video designs.

Class 10 :- It upholds HD/Full HD/4K video design, its speed is 10 MB/s.

UHS-I :- Friends, its speed is 10MB/s, it likewise upholds HD/Full HD/4K video design.

UHS-3 :- The speed of memory card of this class is 30 MB/s. It upholds HD/Full HD/4K/8K video designs.

Companions, presently we have full expectation that you probably got total data about Memory Card, however on the off chance that you actually feel somewhat uncertain to you, you can ask us in the remark.

Presently how about we discuss what things you ought to remember whether you are considering purchasing a memory card, so we should know companions.

What are the things to keep in mind before taking a memory card?

Coincidentally, we have given you complete data about Memory Card, companions have proactively told the sort and class of Memory Card, just you need to deal with not many things prior to purchasing Memory Card –

In the event that you will purchase another memory card, the main thing you need to focus on is the manner by which you will utilize that memory card. In the event that you really want a memory card just for paying attention to MP3 tunes, Class 2 to Class 4 memory cards will suit you.

However, in the event that you need to do HD video recording or on the other hand if you have any desire to take a memory card for a 4K camera, then, at that point, here you ought to take basically a class 6 for HD recording and a class 10 memory card for 4K recording.

Yet, today isn’t just here that alongside 4K camera, up to 8k camera is accessible on the lookout. For this situation you want all the more fast memory card.

Companions, numerous dealers sell the card speed based on X rating, X rating implies increased by 150 kb each second (this is perused speed of CDROM drive), that is, in the event that 100x is composed on a card, it intends that of 14 Mbps Giving velocity.


Prior to taking any card, make sure that under what conditions
it can work like – temperature, pressure and so on.

Aside from this, you ought to purchase just remembering the class of the memory card. Companions, we have given you detail data about the class of memory card, with the goal that you get data about the speed of memory card.

With the assistance of these classes, it is realized that what is the base exhibition of any card. Class 4 implies that your card is giving a speed of 4 MB each second, while Class 10 implies that your card is giving a speed of 10 MB each second, so you should deal with the speed.

Companions, presently you probably come to understand what sort of memory card you ought to get, you can purchase a best memory card for yourself by remembering these things.

Presently we should discuss 5 best memory cards which are exceptionally famous in the present market.

Top 5 Best Memory Cards In India

1. SanDisk 128GB Class 10 microSDXC Memory Card with Adapter(SDSQUAR-128G-GN6MA)

Companions, you get Transfer Speeds Of Up To 100MB/s in this memory card, so you can move 1200 photographs in 60 Seconds.

This SanDisk card stays viable with Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Companions Rated A1, The 400GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card is advanced for applications, giving quicker application send off and execution, which gives an upgraded cell phone insight.

This memory card truly does Full HD Video Capture, since you get Class 10 Speed in it, which gives you Full HD Video and High-Quality Photos.

This memory card gives you the best presentation in every one of the circumstances and it is a truly strong MicroSD card. It is Waterproof, X-beam Proof, Shock-Proof and Temperature-Proof. Companions, this is MICROSDHC And MICROSDXC Supporting Host Devices.

You likewise get these memory cards in various limits. Companions, you likewise get 10 years guarantee of this item.

  • Understand Speed: up to 100 MB/s and Video Speed: C10, U1, V10, A1
  • Temperature evidence For client service contact 1800 102 2055
  • Shock evidence and Water confirmation
  • X-Ray evidence , Compatibility :Compatible with microSDHC and microSDXC supporting host gadgets
  • Ideal for android-based cell phones and tablets

2. Samsung EVO Plus 32GB microSDHC UHS-I U1 95MB/s Full HD Memory Card with Adapter (MB-MC32GA)

Discussing the presentation and speed class of this memory card, then, at that point, you get up to 100MB/s move speed and UHS-I connection point is accessible in it. You get its exhibition as per the limit.

You can utilize this memory card in Cell Phones, Smartphones, Android Tablets, Tablet PCs and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Companions, in this you get 4-Proof Protection, for example, – Waterproof, Temperature Proof, X-beam Proof, Magnet Proof.

You get 32GB Is Enough For 4 Hours Of Full HD Video, 6 Hours Of HD Video, 7,500 Photos space in this memory card. So you don’t need to stress over the space in it and you likewise get a 10-year guarantee on this item.

  • Execution and speed class: Up to 100MB/s move speed with UHS-I interface. Peformance shifts by limit.
  • Utilization: Works with mobile phones, cell phones, Android tablets, tablet PCs, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • 4-Proof insurance: Waterproof, Temperature verification, X-beam confirmation, Magnet evidence
    Guarantee: 10-year restricted guarantee
  • Connector: Includes standard size connector for use in cameras, workstations, and PCs
  • Note:The previous read and compose speeds depend on inner tests led under controlled conditions.Actual velocities might fluctuate relying on card limit.
  • For additional questions, Contact us: [1800 30 7267864]
  • Note: Read and review rates to 100mbps and 20mbps individually

3. HP 32GB Class 10 MicroSD Memory Card (U1 TF Card 32GB)

You get Transfer Speed Up to 100 MB/s in this memory card, in which Read Speed Up to 80MB/s and Write Speed Minimum 30MB/s are accessible.

It is intended for Hard Conditions, you get Magnet Proof, Shock Proof, Temperature Proof, Waterproof. This HP High Speed Memory Card safeguards your information well.

Companions, you get this memory card from 16GB to 128GB. It is appropriate for the most recent Tablets, PCs, Smartphones and Mobile Devices.

This memory card upholds Full HD Video Recording, since you get it with Class 10, U1 Speed Rate.

Ideal for putting away and moving more portable substance across your gadgets, including photographs, music and films for amusement or digital books for the everyday schedule.

Furthermore, you likewise get a 2-year guarantee on this item.

  • HP 32GB Class 10 MicroSD Memory Card (U1 TF Card 32GB)
  • Class 10, UHS-I, U1 Memory Card with Adapter
  • Ideal for putting away and moving more portable substance across your gadgets, including photographs, music and motion pictures for diversion or applications and digital books for the everyday schedule
  • Ideal for the most recent tablets, PCs, cell phones and cell phones
  • 16-128GB: Read accelerate to 80MB/s, compose minumum 30MB/s
  • Shipper Details: Fortune showcasing Pvt Ltd D1/2 – Okhla Industrial Area Phase – II New Delhi 110020
  • Nation of Origin: Taiwan

4. Strontium Nitro A1 64GB Micro SDXC Memory Card 100MB/s A1 UHS-I U3 Class 10 with High Speed Adapter for Smartphones Tablets Drones Action Cams (SRN64GTFU3A1A)

Companions, you get Transfer Speed Up to 100MB/s High Performance in this memory card and get UHS-I U3 Class 10 Specification.

You can utilize it on Android Smartphones, Tablets, Drones, Action Cams and a lot more places.

Discussing the innovation of this memory card, you get A1 Rated For Faster App Performance and Full HD Recording and Playback, High Resolution Photo Capturing. You get the microSDXC Form Factor in it.

In this you additionally get 4-Proof Technology, for example, :- Water Proof, Temperature Proof, Magnet Proof and X-Ray Proof.

Also, this memory card makes your information sharing exceptionally simple. Can be utilized as a Standard Full Size SD Memory Card with this SD Adapter, and companions you get Life Time Warranty of this item.

  • Elite Performance – Transfer Speed Up to 100MB/s with UHS-I U3 Class 10 Specification. For Android Smartphones, Tablets, Drones, Action Cams and that’s just the beginning
  • Innovation – A1 Rated for Faster App Performance and Full HD Recording and Playback, High Resolution Photo Capturing, Form Factor: microSDXC
  • Tough with 4 Proof – Water Proof, Temperature Proof, Magnet Proof and X-Ray Proof
  • Information Sharing Made Easy – Can Be Used As a Standard Full Size SD Memory Card with the SD Adapter Included
  • Nation of Origin: Taiwan
  • For any item related inquiries/issues, kindly connect with or and furthermore you can connect available for potential emergencies at 011 41068675

5. Toshiba M203 64GB Class 10 Micro SD Memory Card (THN-M203K0640A4)

Companions, you get Read Speed: Up To 100 MB/s in this memory card.

ये Shockproof And Waterproof है।

You can involve it in real life Cameras, Mobile Phones, Tablets.

Companions, New Micro SD UHS-I Card gives Quickly Transfer Data to PC, that too with Higher Read Speed Rate and Offers Large Capacity. Likewise BiCS Flash Architecture is additionally accessible.

You get UHS Speed Class 1 (UHS-I), Class 10, Speed Class 1 (U1) alongside a 5-year guarantee on this item.

  • Understand speed: Up to 100 MB/s
  • Shockproof and waterproof
  • Use for: Action cameras, cell phones, tablets
  • The new miniature SD UHS-I card can rapidly move information to PC with higher read speed rate and offers enormous limit with BiCS Flash design
  • Ideal for cell phone client searching for broadened capacity
  • UHS speed class 1 (UHS-I), Class 10, speed Class 1 (U1)


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