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Manual can openers are a necessity in the kitchen! They are quick and easy to use, but sometimes it takes practice to use them effectively. Use a portable can opener by opening the arms, positioning the cutting edge, then twisting the handle to separate the lid. For Swiss Army Knife can opener blades, simply open the blade and pierce the can lid. With the two can openers, be careful not to cut yourself with the sharp edges! In this Article you Will get a List of Best Can Openers in 2021.

What is a Manual Can Opener?

Manual can openers require the strength of your hand to operate the device, as well as good dexterity to hold the can in place as it spins. These simple can openers have hinged handles and a crank. The cutting blade is attached to the head of one handle, the rotary gear to the other. To use the can opener, place the cutting blade on top of the can just against the rim, then press down firmly on the handles until the blade pierces the metal. Then turn the crank to rotate the box until the cover is completely cut off.

While the process is simple in theory, it’s not uncommon for the box to slip off during rotation or for the blade to lift a bit if hand pressure wobbles, leaving an uncut section of the lid exposed. Additionally, for those with weakness or discomfort in their hands, fingers, or wrists, using a manual can opener can be painful, difficult, or even impossible. However, these tools are inexpensive, effective, and useful for most people. Plus, you will be able to or open cans even during a power outage, which is an important consideration for those who live in areas where such events are quite common.

Different Parts of a Manual Can Opener


The body of a manual can opener consists of two handles joined by a single rivet or bolt, allowing them to be separated and pushed together, rotating where they join. upper have rubber grips on the handles, which makes them easier and more comfortable to hold.


A crank that can be turned by hand is attached to one of the handles. The crankshaft goes through the handle and the traction gear is attached to the other side. When using the can opener to open a can, you separate the handles of the can opener, place the pull gear under the edge of the can and the cutting wheel above, and then bring the handles closer together, trapping the edge of the box. can between the traction gear and the cutting wheel. With the can opener in this position, you can turn the crank to rotate the drive gear and push the cutting wheel around the edge of the can.

Traction Gear

The traction gear is a small, round metal wheel with notches to increase grip on the edge of the box. When this and the cutting wheel are firmly pressed against the opposite sides of the edge of the canister, the pressure against the surface of the traction gear causes it to catch on the surface of the canister when the crank is turned.

Cutting Wheel

The cutting wheel has a sharp edge around its circumference. When you force the cutting wheel against the metal of the can by pushing the handles of the assembly, its sharp edge cuts through the metal. As you turn the traction gear by turning the gear, the cutting wheel also spins, cutting through the metal as it advances around the edge of the box.

Now, Let’s See the List of Best Can Openers in 2021 ;

Best Can Openers in 2021

ZYLISS Lock N ‘Lift Manual Can Opener

It might not be an exciting task, but the ZYLISS Lock N ‘Lift manual can opener comes as close as possible to make opening a can almost pleasant. With the flick of your thumb, you can “lock” the cutting wheel in place on the box, eliminating the common frustration of a partially cut lid due to hand fatigue or lack of coordination. Plus, the handles are comfortably padded, ergonomically shaped, and won’t slip or slip into your grip, just like the crank. among all of them, there is a magnet to secure the detached cover and a small lever on the underside of the can opener that releases the cover directly into the trash can you don’t need to touch it and you might get cut or get dirty. for durability and the can, the opener is dishwasher safe.


  • The lids are easy to lift.
  • Ideal for the elderly and for those with weak hands or arthritis.
  • dishwasher safe


  • Not so durable.
ZYLISS Lock N' Lift 7" Manual Handheld Can Opener with Locking Mechanism,...
  • Manual can opener locks onto cans of all sizes for safe and...
  • Smooth turning, stainless-steel cutting mechanism opens cans in...
  • Comfortable, soft touch grip and handle eliminate hand fatigue,...
  • Magnet lifts lid off can and lever releases lid for easy disposal
  • 5 Year Zyliss Guarantee, Hand Wipe - Do Not Submerge

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Made in USA Can Opener

The Made in USA Can Opener is a manual can opener with reliable and consistent results. The handles have a grip for added comfort and the sharp blades cut cleanly. It works like a traditional manual can opener: press the cutting blade on the top of the can along the edge, hold the thick handle padding, and turn the crank until you’re almost done with a spin. Use a butter knife to lift the lid. Empty the contents, then press the lid into the box.


  • Constant performance
  • have a Long life
  • Efficient product


  • Leaves sharp edges
  • A manual can opener may not be ideal for people with limited mobility.

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Swing-A-Way Portable Can Opener

If you just need a manual can opener for your emergency power kit, after all, your cans will be of no use to you during a prolonged power outage if you can’t open them, no need to spend. dollars. The SwingAWay portable can opener won’t break your budget, and while it’s not fancy, it gets the job done. made of steel so it will last for years and the anti-jump mechanism makes the box spin smoothly so the cover shatters cleanly, with no annoying sections still attached that you will have to deal with twice. There is also a built-in bottle opener.


  • Ideal for those who prefer to use traditional can openers.
  • Comfortable for hands of all sizes.
  • Easy to use.


  • Hand wash is recommended when cleaning.
  • It rusts as it ages.
Swing-A-Way Compact Can Opener (Red)
  • Extremely durable with an all-steel construction
  • Soft cushion-grips for comfortable handling; ergonomic handles...
  • A high-carbon, gear-driven cutting wheel and skip-proof feed for...
  • Easy turn knob makes manual operation a breeze; doesn’t require...
  • Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent, rinse and dry...

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